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Deborah works from her studio on her small family farm in the middle of Devon. She works with porcelain and stoneware using hand building and wheel throwing techniques. She generally fires in an electric kiln but sometimes smoke fires in a barrel or utilises redundant equipment from the farm.

She predominantly works with porcelain to create thin vessels that can hold lights and stoneware thrown on the wheel for smoke firing. She loves the versitility of these different clays and the contrasting results that can be achieved, the delicacy of the hand built porcelain compared to the robustness of the smoke fired stoneware.


Deborah's influences and inspirations are mainly drawn from her surroundings, her view of Dartmoor being the most influential and her day to day life in the countryside. For the smoke fired ceramics, plant based materials are foraged on her daily walks with her dog Murphy to use for mark making. Vessels are wheel thrown for this process and bisque fired in an electric kiln first.

Born on the South Devon coast, Deborah often draws on her memories and love of the sea to inspire her work which is particularly apparent within her abstract porcelain vessels.

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